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The software development kit used to develop plugins for the HomeSeer platform

Except for resources provided through the HomeSeer internal package (Scheduler.DLL) and the communications framework (HSCF.DLL) everything needed to create a plugin can be found in this SDK.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is an add-on component, or extension, to HomeSeer that provides additional functionality to the system. It is an executable application that runs in the background on a HomeSeer controller or remotely on another computer.

Plugins are made up of an executable file that acts as the primary integration point for HomeSeer and HTML files registered as feature pages.

Where do I start?

It is a good idea to start by reading the Using the SDK article.

How do I make a plugin?

See the Creating a Plugin guide for how to develop your own plugin for HomeSeer.

How do I publish a plugin?

Where can I find the latest news or critical information about the Plugin SDK?

How do I ask for help while developing or publishing a plugin?

How do I report bugs with the Plugin SDK?

Submit an issue to the GitHub repository project:

How can I contribute to the development of the Plugin SDK?

The entire Plugin SDK is open-sourced on GitHub, ( and the HomeSeer team encourages everyone that uses the SDK to contribute to it so that we can enhance the overall HomeSeer ecosystem together. 

API Reference

You can find a full API reference doc for the Plugin SDK here.