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HS-941,Attempting to register an HS4 plugin with an HS3 license ID appears successful
HS-947,The Date or Day is... Any Year - Doesn't work
HS-946,Adding a single status pair to the status/graphics tab then adding another pair causes and error
HS-948,Auto backup setting on backup page is not saved
HS-812,status text in list view does not truncate or wrap
HS-938,Status/Graphics page displayed device status as blank
HS-954,If no counters or timers are configured an error message is displayed
HS-955,Add the users configuration file name to the about page
HS-939,Some HS3 plugins were missing the config link on the installed plugins page

Windows Installer:

For Zee S2/PI and SEL/PLUS update through setup

For standard Linux tar file:

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