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Information on managing the Z-Wave interfaces connected to your HomeSeer platform.


From the Manage Interfaces page, you can add, edit, enable and disable your Z-Wave interface(s). 


Access the Manage Interfaces page from Plugins > Z-Wave > Manage Interfaces


Adding a Z-Wave Interface

To add a Z-Wave interface, click the Add Z-Wave Interface button seen above. Please see our guide on adding Z-Wave interfaces for instructions on that process.

Editing Interfaces

An enabled Z-Wave interface has a red power icon and the buttons to edit or delete it are grayed out. To edit or delete an interface, click the red power icon and it will turn green.

  • The trash icon will remove your Z-Wave interface from HS4. Note that this does not delete the data on your interface, so if you use this by accident then your device data will not be lost. Simply re-add your interface and your added devices will resume working. 
  • The edit icon will allow you to rename or change the communication port where HS4 will look for your interface. When moving a Z-Net to a new room permanently, it would be a good idea to rename it. It is not recommended to change the port of a working interface.


If you run into issues managing your interfaces, you can show the Legacy Z-Wave menu and access the legacy method of managing interfaces from Plugins > Z-Wave > Controller Management

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