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Information and code on adding HS-FLS100+ (GEN 2) to SmartThings


This device handler provides extended feature support of this product to SmartThings new app users. By default, if you add the sensor to ST without the device handler, you will not be able to trigger on motion, you can only turn the load on and off. The device handler adds the following:

  • Button to turn the load on/off and display the status of the light
  • Motion tile that tells you if motion is detected
  • LUX tile that shows the current light level
  • Temperature tile that shows the current temperature

For triggering actions, you can use the built-in automation to trigger on motion and you can set an action to control the load.
If you need to trigger on the light level, install the SmartApp named "Smart Lighting". This will allow you to trigger on the device LUX value. For an overview of its capabilities, navigate to

To add this Device Handler:

  1. Navigate to this URL and log in with your SmartThings account:
  2. Click on the "My Device Handlers" menu   
  3. Click "Create New Device Handler" on the right   
  4. Click "From Code"   
  5. Click here to view the code
  6. Click "Create" at the bottom   
  7. Click "Publish" and select "For Me"