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HTML Pages


Unlike HomeSeer HS3, HS4 uses HTML files for its web user interface. The goal for using HTLM text files to seperate the display portion of the application from the data portion. The new HTML format is easily modified for future changes. The new format also displays nicely on desktop as well as mobile devices providing a new modern material design.

HTML files are also used for plugin feature pages. HTML pages support dynamic content through the use of tags. The tag format is similar to Liquid tags that were initially developed by Shopify. HomeSeer uses a more advanced format that is provided by the Scriban template library. Normally, developers do not have to deal with HomeSeer created tags, but they are included in the documentation as some may be useful to plugin authors.

Pages are using the Bootstrap 4 CSS library. Bootstrap is a responsive format that allows the pages to display properly on desktop as well as mobile browsers. HomeSeer uses the MDB Bootstrap library. See the MDB Documentation for more information.

Basic Usage

Tags are added to an HTML file between double curly braces such as:


The tag is processed when the page is displayed and the content between the curly braces is replaced with data returned from the function call.

For details on the tags language refer to the Scriban docs here:

Scriban Docs 

The tags language uses only lower case characters for tag names. If the tag you are calling includes upper case characters, enter an "_" before the upper case character. For example, the function MyFunction would be "my_function", and  My_Function_2 would be "{{my__function_2}}".

Plugin Tags

See the plugin feature pages documentation for details on creating custom tags that are provided by a plugin.

HomeSeer Tags

HomeSeer tags are available to any HTML page, including plugin feature pages. See TBD tags API docs for a listing of available tags.

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