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Overview, what you'll need, and installation for Z-Flash.


HomeSeer Z-Flash is a software tool that's designed to update ("Flash") the embedded software ("firmware") on Z-Wave devices of all types using Over-The-Air ("OTA") technology. Manufacturers typically release firmware updates to correct problems or to enhance features or functions in their products. Z-Flash includes a library of firmware files for use with HomeSeer brand products. However, Z-Flash is designed to work with standard OTA ".hex" firmware files from most manufacturers. Check with the manufacturer(s) of your product(s) to see if OTA firmware updates are available for your use.

Attention HomeSeer system users: All HomeSeer systems (HS3 or later) include a built-in OTA firmware update feature which is designed to manually update one device at a time. This is perfectly adequate for occasional use. However, this process can be quite time consuming when updating a lot of devices. Z-Flash includes a "batch update" feature that's designed to update multiple devices of the same type, automatically in succession. If you have a house full of wall switches or dimmers, using Z-Flash could save you a significant amount of time.

What You'll Need

  • Desktop or (preferably) Laptop PC running Windows 7 (or later) and with Microsoft .NET 4.52 (or later) installed
  • Available USB port
  • USB Z-Wave interface (SmartStick+, UZB or Z-Stick)
    Note: HomeSeer system users may also use a Z-NET
  • OTA firmware (.hex fileor .gbl files) for the (non-HomeSeer) product(s) you wish to update
    Note: OTA firmware for HomeSeer products is not required as it is already built into Z-Flash

Software Installation

Download the Z-Flash installer from and launch it on your PC. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. A shortcut to the program will be added to your Windows desktop and start menu.