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  1. Download the following 500 x 500 px templates for use with paid and free plugins

  2. Use any image editing tool to add your plugin image to the empty space area of the template. If your image editor supports layers (as with Photoshop), this image should be your TOP layer. This will prevent your image from obscuring the template. When finished, your plugin product image should look something like the ones below. 

    MS Paint users: If you do not have an image editor that supports layers you can enable transparent images in MS Paint and simply past the template over your image.

    1. Past Paste your store page plugin image into MS Paint and resize it so that it will fit within the 500x500 template. When resizing your image you can see the dimensions on the bottom left of the application to the left of the canvas size.

    2. Copy or Save your resized image.

    3. Resize your canvas to 500x500 by selecting Resize in the tools menu. In the Resize section select the resize by Pixels option and enter 500 in both fields and then click OK.  

      Past the resized image into the resized canvas.Image Removed

      holding down the bottom right corner of the canvas and dragging the corner until the canvas size reads 500x500 in the bottom right. 

      Image Added

    4. Enable transparent images by clicking the Select menu dropdown in the image section and enable Transparent selection. Once this is done, center your image in the 500x500 canvas.

    5. Past the canvas over your image and the image will now show in the empty space. If your image is not centered properly use ctrl+z to remove the template so that you can move your image. Once moved to the proper location past the template again.

  3. When finished, save your image as a HIGH QUALITY .jpg file. The image should retain its 500 x 500 px resolution. Include this with each plugin portal submission.