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  1. Navigate to your Devices page and enable list view by clicking the List View button

  2. Scroll through your list of devices and look for any instance of a microphone.
    • If a microphone appears next to the root device, the root device is enabled for voice.
    • If a microphone appears next to a feature, that feature is enabled for voice.

      In this example, the microphones show us that the root device (Dual Lamp Module) is not enabled for voice and the that the features (Candle Lights and Sofa Table Lamp) are enabled for voice.

How to Determine Whether


Root Devices or Features Should be Enabled for Voice

In general, enabling root devices is all that will be required for most systems. However, if you devices with multiple controllable features, you'll need to enable features instead for those devices. Use the guide below to determine which method is best for enabling voice with your system. Then check the Voice Command Enabled checkbox in the settings for the root device or for the feature(s). Use the appropriate option below depending on the type of device you wish to control.