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Here you will find information regarding the Z-Wave UI v1.0 and further information on using the Legacy Z-Wave plugin, v3.


Current Versions

  • Z-Wave UI: 1.0
  • Z-Wave Core:

Installing Z-Wave Plugins

Information on installing the UI and the Core plugin.

Add Device

Information on adding Z-Wave devices to your network

Remove Device

Information on removing Z-Wave devices from your network

Add Interface

Information on adding Z-Wave interfaces to your HomeSeer platform.

Manage Interfaces

Information on managing the Z-Wave interfaces connected to your HomeSeer platform.

Update Firmware

Information on how to update your Z-Wave device firmware.

Device Diagnostics

Information on using the different types of Z-Wave device diagnostic tools built into the plugin.

  • RescanInformation on performing a Z-Wave device rescan.
  • Remove Bad NodeInformation on removing a bad Z-Wave node from HS4
  • Test ConnectivityInformation on performing Test Connectivity on a Z-Wave device.
  • Full OptimizeInformation on performing a Full Optimize on a Z-Wave device.

Advanced Controller Functions

Information on using the many advanced controller functions. 

  • Add UnsecureInformation on adding a device using the unsecure inclusion method of Z-Wave.
  • Node TestInformation on performing a Node Test on a device in a Z-Wave network.
  • OpitimizeInformation on performing an Optimize on a Z-Wave network.
  • Optimize FullInformation on performing an Optimize Full on a Z-Wave network.
  • Restart InterfaceInformation on restarting your Z-Wave interface.
  • Backup InterfaceInformation on backing up a Z-Wave interface on the HomeSeer platform.
  • Restore InterfaceInformation on restoring Z-Wave network to a hardware interface on the HomeSeer platform.
  • Reset DataInformation on performing a Reset Data on a Z-Wave network.

Legacy Z-Wave

Information on using the Legacy Z-Wave plugin, version or earlier.

  • Adding and Removing Z-Wave DevicesInformation on adding and removing a Z-Wave device via the Z-Wave core legacy menu.
  • Adding a Z-Wave ControllerIn order to control Z-Wave devices, such as light switches, thermostats, door locks and sensors, they must be included into a Z-Wave “network”. Follow the steps below to add your Z-Wave controller and create a Z-Wave network.
  • Displaying Status of Two Sensors with One Icon (HS3)How-to display status of two sensors with one icon in HS3. Note: This will work in HS4 but the steps included graphics are inaccurate.
  • Importing Z-Wave DevicesImporting devices is only necessary if you are using the Aeon Labs Z-Stick to configure your Z-Wave network, otherwise that step can be skipped. You’ll need to import that network into your HomeTroller, so that your devices can be monitored and controlled.


Information regarding Settings for the Z-Wave UI plugin.

Additional Information

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