General settings for HS4 may be accessed by clicking Setup and then selecting the General tab.


Click the REGISTER button to edit or change your license ID and password. This is useful when upgrading a trial license or moving from one edition of HS4 to another.


Click the EDIT CONFIG button to manage your system's selected data file.


This setting allows HS4 to calculate sunrise and sunset times for your system. Click the SELECT LOCATION button to select the worldwide location that's closest to your HS4 installation.

Alternately, you may manually enter your longitude and latitude for even greater accuracy.

Other Settings

Power Failure Recovery Settings

This feature is designed to run events that may have been missed due to a power failure. 

Example: If lights were programmed to turn on at sunset and a power failure prevented them from turning on, this feature would turn them on if power was restored within the number of hours to catch up interval.

Log Settings

Energy Settings

Click the CLEAR SAVED DATA button to erased your energy data.

Log Colors

This feature allows you to apply a text color or CSS style to log entries that contain specific keywords. This allows you to quickly identify specific log entries by sight. For example, you might want to entries with the word EVENT to be blue or bold. 

Save Your Work!

Be sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page after you're finished editing.