Initial Setup

Once your drivers are setup and your PC recognizes the Zigbee interface and Zigbee is installed, it is time to configure the plugin.

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Zigbee > Setup Network. You will see a setup guide broken into steps, click Next
  2. Select the Zigbee interface model you are using, HS4 is compatible with two. We recommend the Nortek HUSBZB-1.
  3. Click Next, then select the COM port being used by this interface. This should have been noted while setting up the driver for your interface. Click Finish. (If you are not sure what COM port to select, try both. Only one COM port will allow you to finish)

You will then be brought to the Add New Device page so that you can start including devices right away.

Adding Devices

Click the Start button in step one to put your Zigbee interface into inclusion mode, you will have 60 seconds to add devices and more than one can be added in this period. If you need to add devices in the future, you can return to this page from Plugins > Zigbee > Add New Device.

Manage Devices

Once initial setup is complete and devices are added, you can see a list of your added hardware from Plugins > Zigbee > Manage Devices. Here, you will see two options for your devices:

Manage Network

Here you will find three options to manage your Zigbee network:


The settings on this page all pertain to log entries, and should only be adjusted if instructed by technical support to do so.