HS-935,Normal users cannot display devices page
HS-886,"Backup location will not save, need to check that new path is OK"
HS-932,"After Category is edited and saved, the save symbol stays"
HS-783,HsApplication.GetDevice methods don't report errors correctly
HS-782,HsApplication.DeleteDevice method deletes all associated devices regardless of source type
HS-959,HS Version is showing a plugin rather than actual HS4 version on Pi/Hub
HS-953,Backup will not restore from non-default location
HS-950,Reports of timers/counters/events getting lost
HS-933,Change filter saving from session to user based
HS-818,HS3 Beta plugins do not show when an update is available
HS-928,Bulk copy of a feature does not copy the feature

Windows Installer:

For Zee S2/PI and SEL/PLUS update through setup

For standard Linux tar file: