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Add Device

Information on adding Z-Wave devices to your network


Whenever you purchase a new Z-Wave device to expand your automation, use the process below to bring it into your HomeSeer system. Once this process been completed you will have the ability to monitor and control the device as well as create events to automate your home. You may need to remove devices for troubleshooting purposes at times as well, this will allow you to bring your device back in, though events which interact with that device will need to be updated after it is re-added.


  1. Navigate to Plugins > Z-Wave > Add Device
  2. Click or tap Continue in step 1, then wait for the prompt to activate the "Add to Network" function on your device.
  3. After you see the inclusion prompt, manually activate the inclusion process on your Z-Wave device. If you are unsure of what this process is, consult that device's documentation.
  4. Once HS4 and your device see each other, they will exchange data and this can be seen in the log entries on screen.
    Note: If the process completes successfully, you will be brought to the Configure step. If it does not, please see the Notes section below.
  5. Give your device a name and set its room and floor values, then click Continue.
  6. Click Continue, then verify the displayed information is correct and click Continue.
  7. Click Finish, and you will be brought to your Devices page, where you can view, control, and configure your newly added device!


In some occasions, Z-Wave devices do not add correctly or at all. If you run into an issue during or after the add process, we recommend running a removal on your device and testing the inclusion again. Removals can be performed even on devices which have not been added.

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