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Adding HomeSeer Water Valve to HomeSeer

Information on adding an HS-WV100 to your HomeSeer Z-Wave network.

Before installing your new HS-WV100+ in your plumbing, it is recommended to add it to your Z-Wave network, in case the desired installation location will be far away from your Z-Wave interface. The inclusion process is as outlined below:

  1. You will need to put your Z-Wave network into inclusion mode first. If you are using HS3, this can be done by visiting Plugins > Z-Wave > Controller Management, then expanding your interface and selecting Add/Include a Node in the Actions menu. Consult the manual for your automation system if you are using another platform.
  2. Once your system indicates that it is ready to add a device, press the program button on the box which the water valve and power supply connect to. This is located directly below the OPEN and CLOSE buttons.
  3. After a brief moment, your water valve will be added to your network! You can then use the open and close commands from your system to test your new hardware.

If you run into any issues, feel free to reach out to HomeSeer support!

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