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Auto Start HS4 on Windows

Information about staring the HS4 app when Windows starts up.


Anyone on Windows 10 can follow this procedure or use this to recover autostart if an S6 unit is not auto-starting HS4. Note that User Account Control (UAC) in Windows may request permission to run programs, which would prevent HS4 from starting correctly without your interaction. If you run into such an issue, you will want to reduce or disable UAC on your PC.

Existing Task

If there is an existing HS4 task that you cannot modify, simply delete the task and follow the instructions below.

Schedule HS4

  1. Right Click on Start Menu
  2. Click Computer Management
  3. Select Task Scheduler
  4. Click Create Task
  5. Name it "HS4". While on this General tab, click Run with highest privileges
  6. Click the Triggers tab, then the New...
  7. In the Begin the Task drop-down menu, select At log on
  8. Select your PC's User
    1. If on a HomeTroller, leave it as HomeSeer. 
  9. Click Ok, then go to the Actions tab and click New...
  10. In the Action drop-down menu, use Start a Program, then click Browse…
  11. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS4 and select HS4.exe
  12. Select the Settings tab next
  13. Make sure Stop the task if it runs longer than: is unchecked
  14. Click Ok and then Ok again.
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