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Clean Install of HS4 on Zee S2


This procedure will reformat your SD card that is in your Zee S2 and re-install the Linux operating system. It will also install HS4. This is a factory reset and will give you an HS4 system that is identical to what is shipped from the factory. All data on your system will be lost so make sure you follow this procedure exactly so you do not lose any data. Note that this procedure will restore your data such as your devices, events, and scripts, and system configuration such as plugin configuration data. It will NOT back up your plugins. When you start HS4 for the first time you will need to re-install your plugins. However, all plugin configuration data will be restored so you will not need to reconfigure your plugins.

Note: This procedure requires an HDMI monitor and USB keyboard. A USB mouse is optional. A TV can be used if a monitor is not available.


  1. Update your Zee S2 to build 551, do this from Setup, General tab. This is required as it will update the system with a new restore file.
  2. After HS3 551 is running, go into setup and select the Backup option to backup your data. This will prompt you to download a zip file once the backup is complete. This file will be downloaded to the system where your browser is running. Save this file in a safe place as you will need it later when you restore your data to HS4. Do not unzip this file.

Restore Option 1

This procedure will restore your system by reformatting the SD card in your Zee and will download a new operating system. Your Zee must be connected to the Internet.

Note: If you are an advanced user and would like to install a larger SD card, you can use the Option 2 procedure.

  1. Attach an HDMI monitor to the HDMI port on your Zee and plug in a USB keyboard and mouse to the Zee's USB ports. Make sure no other devices are attached to any other USB port. Other devices may cause the restore to fail. If you do not have a USB mouse, the keyboard alone can be use.
  2. Power cycle your Zee and you should see a display that asks you to hold the SHIFT key to enter restore mode. If the restore mode does not start, power cycle the unit again and tap the shift key multiple times while the system starts.
  3. Once on the restore screen check the box next to the HS4 restore option. Only check ONE option. You can use the tab key on the keyboard to navigate and the space bar to select, or a mouse.
  4. Click on the Install icon or press "i" on the keyboard to start the install. Progress will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Once the install is done restart the system and locate HS4 using from a web browser.
  6. You will be brought to the registration screen. Enter your HS4 license and follow the prompts to complete.
  7. You can now restore your data. Click on the menu "Tools" then "Backup/Restore", which displays the backup/restore page.
  8. In the Local section click on the "Restore..." button, this brings up the restore dialog. Click on the "Upload Backup.." button and browse to the zip file you downloaded earlier from HS3. This will restore your data.
  9. Close the restore dialog and then click on "Devices" on the toolbar and verify that all your devices are available. Do the same for Events.
  10. Now click on the Plugins menu then Add to add your plugins back.

Restore Option 2

This option is for advanced users who want to upgrade their SD card to a larger size, or maybe you want to save your existing SD card and install HS4 on a new card. The SD card needs to be 8 GB or larger. The unit was shipped with either an 8GB or 16GB card. 16GB or larger is recommended.

  1. Download the restore boot zip file from here:
  2. Format your SD card in a PC as FAT32
  3. Unzip the downloaded file and copy all of the files to the SD card
  4. Remove the 4 screws from the bottom of your Zee to get access to the SD card slot. Remove the current card and insert your new card.
  5. Now go to step 1 in Restore Option 1 to complete the restore.
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