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Controlling Devices

This article will show you how to control and work with devices.


When HomeSeer Mobile connects to your HS3 system, it will import all of your devices and their associated controls. Below are two screenshots of the same thermostat, the left image is the device as it appears in HS3, and the right shows it in HomeSeer Mobile. 

Thermostat in HS3
Thermostat in HomeSeer Mobile

After being accustomed to each feature and function of a device having its own separate designation in HS3, it may appear that HomeSeer Mobile is not displaying everything. While the set points, fan, and operating states are immediately obvious, this thermostat also reports humidity, fan state, and battery level. The battery level is shown by default in the top right, while any other icons in this area can be tapped. As seen below, tapping the humidity icon will display the humidity percentage.

Other devices are more straightforward. Below is a dimming module, complete with On, Off, Last Level buttons and a dim bar. Simply tapping any of these buttons will send the appropriate command to your device via HS3. 

When viewing a device in the Device list, all controls will be displayed, though which controls are available in a widget can be adjusted. For more information on that, please view our Edit Widget information here.

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