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Displaying Status of Two Sensors with One Icon (HS3)

How-to display status of two sensors with one icon in HS3. Note: This will work in HS4 but the steps included graphics are inaccurate.

Let's say I have a tilt sensor and motion sensor in my garage and I want to indicate the garage door and occupancy status of both on my touchscreens. However, I have limited space on my dashboard. I decide to use a virtual device to reflect both attributes with one status icon.

1. Create graphic icons to reflect all possible conditions:

  • Door Closed - No Motion
  • Door Closed - Motion
  • Door Open - No Motion
  • Door Open - Motion

Save these icons to your HomeSeer HS3/html/images/HomeSeer/status/folder.

Example (full-size versions of these icons are available for download at the bottom of this page):

2. Create virtual device "Garage Status" with text values for each condition above. I used values 1, 10, 20, 30

3. Associate each value with the appropriate graphic icon

if you navigate to the Device List, your device will now look something like this:

4. Create events to change the value of the Garage Status virtual device

For example, I create an event (not shown here) to reset an HS3 timer every time motion is sensed. When the timer reaches four minutes, I consider the garage unoccupied. You'll need to create one event for each Garage Status condition and each event will need two trigger/condition combinations. Here's what one of mine looks like:

5. Add the Garage Status virtual device to your HS3Touch project and deploy

Now, instead of adding the door sensor and motion sensor to your HS3Touch projects, you just need to add this new virtual device to your projects!

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