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How to Create Email/Text Messages with HomeSeer Device Values (HS3)

A how-to on creating email/text messages with HomeSeer device values in HS3.

To receive text messages that include the value of a HomeSeer device (like thermostat temperature), follow these steps:

  1. In the web interface, select HOME.
  2. In the Device List, click on the device you wish to monitor, then open the Advanced tab. Locate the Reference ID in the first row and copy the value to your clipboard.
  3. In this example reference ID 190 will be used. Create an event and choose Send an Email as your action. 
    1. When you compose the email, include this text Thermostat temp is $$DSR:190: 
      • Output = Thermostat temp is 75.9 F

    2. you can also use $$DVR:190: to send only the value. Additional text custom text and characters can be added. Sending the email with Thermostat temp is $$DSR:190:°F will generate the following
      • Output = Thermostat temp is 75.9°F

Test the event by clicking the run button.

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