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HS-FLS100 Z-Wave Inclusion

Inclusion instructions for the HS-FLS100+.

Z-Wave Auto Inclusion 

This hardware supports an auto-inclusion feature where it will automatically enter Inclusion mode when first powered up after a factory reset. 

  1. Turn off power to the floodlight by turning off the wall switch. 
  2. Try to relocate the Z-Wave controller nearer to the floodlight, with at most one wall separation between them. 
  3. Put the Z-Wave Controller into Inclusion mode. 
  4. Turn on the wall switch of the floodlight. The floodlight will then turn on for 5 seconds and the Link LED will start to blink slowly. 
  5. When the Link LED stops blinking, the inclusion process is complete. Note: If you are connecting this unit to a Z-Wave controller that utilizes the S2 security protocol, you may be asked by your controller to enter a 5-digit Device Specific Key (DSK) that is unique to each unit. This can be found in one of two places: - on the QR code label on the back of the unit - on the insert card inside the packaging. 
  6. Turn on the floodlight using the Z-Wave controller to check if the auto inclusion is working properly. 

Z-Wave Manual Inclusion
If auto-inclusion fails, the FLS100 can also be made discoverable for inclusion or exclusion mode by quickly triple-pressing the link button on the back.
Note: HS-FLS100+ supports the latest S2 security offered by Z -Wave certified controllers. If your controller supports S2, please refer to the user guide of the controller for detailed instructions on adding or removing devices to/from the network. 

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