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HS-LS100+ User Guide

Installation and setup guide for the HS-LS100+ Z-Wave water leak sensor


HS-LS100+ is a compact, easy to install leak sensor. It is designed to control other Z-Wave devices directly or it may be used with a variety of Z-Wave certified home controllers to launch automation events or scenes.


  • Use to activate Z-Wave devices such as sirens or water valve controllers when a leak is sensed.
  • Use to trigger home automation events (aka scenes”, “automations or robots”) when a leak is sensed


HS-LS100+ is battery powered and includes a Z-Wave network button, LED indicator and a magnetic wall mount/wired probe assembly. The unit may be deployed as a free-standing sensor (using built-in probes) or as a wired remote sensor (via the wall mount/wired probe assembly).

Physical Installation

  • Free-standing installation Simply place the leak sensor on a flat horizontal surface in the area where a leak might occur.
  • Remote installation Install the included magnetic wall mount/wired probe assembly in the location of your choice (using the supplied mounting hardware) and attach the HS-LS100+ to it by aligning the 3 probes with the 3 holes in the mounting bracket. Position and install the wired probe in the area where a leak might occur or where you wish to detect liquid.

Z-Wave Network Installation

Remove the back cover by rotating counter-clockwise and install 1 ER14250 battery (included) inside HS-LS100+. Include the sensor into your Z-Wave network using the instructions below. Then, replace the back cover.

HS-LS100+ may be included into your Z-Wave network as a secure device or as a non-secure device. Use the instructions below to include or exclude HS-LS100+ to/from your Z-Wave network. If your home controller supports S2 security encryption, the Leak Sensor may be added as a secure device to your network. If not, it will add as a non-secure device. This will not effect the functionality of the unit.

  • Secure Inclusion (recommended if your home controller supports S0 or S2 Z-Wave encryption)
    1. Put your home controller into Z-Wave inclusion mode.
    2. Press and hold the Z-Wave network button for 5 seconds, then release it. Wait for the inclusion process to finish.
  • Non-Secure Inclusion
    1. Put your home controller into Z-Wave inclusion mode.
    2. Quickly press and release the Z-Wave network button once. Wait for the inclusion process to finish.
  • Exclusion
    1. Put your home automation controller into Z-Wave exclusion mode.
    2. Quickly triple-press the Z-Wave network button. Wait for the exclusion process to finish.
  • Factory Reset (Use this procedure to reset HS-LS100+ to factory settings when the Z-Wave controller is missing or inoperable).
    1. Press and hold the Z-Wave button for 20 seconds. Release the button once the LED stops blinking and glows solidly.


  • Leak Sensor Operation
    HS-LS100+ is designed to transmit a Z-Wave command when liquid is sensed. It will also transmit another command when liquid is no longer sensed.
  • Shock Sensor Operation
    The shock sensor is designed to transmit a Z-Wave command when HS-LS100+ has been physically moved. This sensor is especially helpful in determining whether the unit has been removed from its mount or tampered with.
  • Battery Sensor Operation
    The battery sensor is designed to report battery level with a Z-Wave command every 43200 seconds (12 hours). If desired, HomeSeer users can adjust this interval (0-2678400 seconds) by accessing the settings on the Z-Wave tab of the root device.

Z-Wave Association Information

HS-LS100+ supports Group 1 association. Group 1 reports the sensors status and battery if running on batteries.

Z-Wave Parameters

Use the parameters below to adjust HS-LS100 configuration settings

14Enable / Disable Basic Set Command10=disable, 1=enable0
15Set Value for Basic Set Command10=Sends 255 value when leak sensed
1=Sends 0 value when leak sensed
17Leak Report Interval10=disable, 1 to 255 (minutes)5
18Enable Shock Sensor10=disable, 1=enable1
19Temperature Report Interval13 to 240 (multiply by 10 for minutes: 3 = 30 min)144
20Set High Temperature Trigger Value2-670 to 2570 (-67 to 257 °F)1040
22Set Low Temperature Trigger Value2-670 to 2570 (-67 to 257 °F)320
24Enable Blinking LED When Alarm Triggers10=disable, 1=enable1
32Set Value for Low Battery110-50 (%)20


Operating Temp Range0ºC to 40ºC
Z-Wave Frequency | Range908 MHz (US) | Up To 300 Ft line of sight
Z-Wave CertificationZ-Wave Plus
Power SupplyRequires (1) ER14250 Battery
DimensionsSensor (main unit): 2.75 x 2.75 x .75 (inches)

Limited Warranty

HomeSeer Technologies, LLC will repair or replace, at its option, any part of the device, which proves to be defective in workmanship or material under normal use, in the USA except in the states of Alaska or Hawaii, for a period of one year from the date the device is purchased. During the warranty period, HomeSeer Technologies, LLC will repair and provide all parts necessary to correct such defects, free of charge, provided the device has been operated in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. The Customer will return the device to HomeSeer Technologies, LLC for testing and repair or replacement. Should you need service, during warranty period or beyond, contact HomeSeer to obtain return authorization before shipping your device to HomeSeer Technologies, LLC.

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