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  • Fixed ability to register with an upgrade license
  • Fixed plugins showing that were for a different system type
  • Fixed update icon not showing on installed plugins page
  • HS-440 Added setting to not upload recordings to MYHS (this is the default)
  • Added credential checks for JSON API if user/pass is passed
  • HS-296 Fixed time picker not showing in triggers if trigger is plugin based
  • On mobile menu bar does not stick so more space is available
  • Fixed recordings not playing properly in Chrome
  • HS-416 Fixed recordings play ok on IOS
  • New menu bar that slides out from the left on mobile and small screens
  • HS-406 Fixed device count at bottom of devices page

Known issues:

  • Menus do not scroll on desktop so some content may be off screen
  • Menus do not have a border on Edge
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