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  • HS-435 Day Picker for condition does not work properly if added to secondary trigger
  • HS-454 Hiding and un-hiding devices does not seem to work HS-462
  • Need ability to set a trigger condition on a date that is ANY year/month/day
  • HS-464 Event action Never missing
  • HS-480 Can't Open Feature Settings Directly From Device List
  • HS-493 Email Event Action is Missing Attachments
  • HS-494 Deleting Categories from Devices Does Not Work
  • HS-495 Device Linking Feature from HS3 is Missing
  • HS-6 Devices created with new SDK set to 0 every time a device created with the old API is set to any value
  • HS-503 Hide from all views does not work with features
  • Fixed menus not closing when viewing an open event
  • On the device page, removed "All" from filter, also fixed some alignment issues with buttons
  • Wording changed in setup-cameras for saving recordings locally
  • Device page filtering now displays features (child devices) independently when they match a filter
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