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HS-724,Implement IHsController.SendControlForFeatureByValue
HS-693,Implement IHsController.GetPluginVersionById() and IHsController.GetPluginVersionByName() into HsApplication
HS-694,Implement IHsController.PluginFunction() and IHsController.LegacyPluginFunction() in HsApplication
HS-697,Rename Event Group function is Broken
HS-623,"""Set Device String"" Event Action Is Missing"
HS-527,"Entering ""\"" as a device filter Breaks The Device Page Entirely!"
HS-343,"unregisterfeaturepage is not working properly, removes the wrong weblinks"
HS-290,hs.GetPageHeader broken
HS-268,Device String Update Problem
HS-734,Fontawesome fonts do not appear if fontawesome server is down
HS-688,missing custom.css displays log error
HS-708,Cannot add a category to a feature
HS-449,User Access Code Settings Don't Save Correctly for Features
HS-722,Padding needed below ANDIF block in events
HS-704,Add possibility to filter the device page on a device id using an Url parameter
HS-723,Users reporting events disappearing
HS-719,Google Home Sync and communications issues
HS-668,Incorrect plugin selected for update download
HS-695,Devices that point to a non existent parent (feature) do not display
HS-721,Radio Button values are not saved on Plugin pages
HS-692,Plugin SDK - OnConfigItemUpdate called when selecting the already selected choice from a SelectListView

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