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HS-826,13760,No Warning Screen for IMPORT EVENTS button
HS-827,13768,Fix NavBar item construction for plugins
HS-679,13330,Categories can be deleted with confirmation
HS-678,13329,disabling bulk edit does not clear selected devices
HS-650,13236,No way to deselect energy devices on select devices dialog on energy page
HS-530,12984,Log does not revert to page 0 when new filter is created
HS-727,13419,Feature settings text should match Device Settings Text
HS-599,13103,sunrise/sunset is not correct after location is changed... requires restart
HS-558,13019,Error message displayed wrong when attempting to save empty category name
HS-559,13020,it's possible to create a category that's simply a [space] and you can assign it to a device but you can't select it in the category filter
HS-382,12807,"Request to Add ""Clear All"" function to disable all filters from Device page and clear log filter"
HS-824,13758,Default username in Linux Tools is wrong
HS-828 update RegisterLinkEx so that it does not interfere with the call from RegisterFeaturePage - which uses EPageType of 2, that it registers the device include page AND THEN edits the link for normal menu registration, and that it takes care of editing the link for other feature page registrations coming from Z-Wave
HS-518 HS4 upgrade plugins show as registered if HS3 version was regsitered (by default HS4 plugins CANNOT be licensed with an HS3 license for the same plugin. The plugin author needs to set the AccessLevel property to 4 to enable this ability)
HS-814 Devices not showing
HS-813 Change backup file filename to the date of the backup
HS-553 Cameras not working on Linux

  • Added check for free disk space when recording from cameras and backing up
  • Added X to all search boxes to clear search
  • Device properties now displays tabs when you click on them for faster loading
  • Checks there is enough disk space before saving backup files or camera recordings

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