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HS4 Beta


HS-1400Feature display order is not saved in device properties
HS-1397Add an icon next to the event name if the event is not configured
HS-1393Copy Event does not create unique identifier for triggers
HS-1391Move bulk edit drop down up to top row to save space
HS-1390Logout link from top bar menu is not working
HS-1386Change Installed menu item to Manage for plugins
HS-1385Log reporting HTML error cannot access member d.location2
HS-1384When selecting the device trigger "for at least", the pop-up warning dialog flashes to quickly
HS-1382Use location 1 first option not honored in list view
HS-1381Events page is referencing fontawesome external site
HS-1354Add a few other options to bulk edit, no_log,powerfail,last_change,remove category
HS-1353Make selections in bulk edit match feature names
HS-1283Implement improvements to plugin (app store) cards
HS-1279Floor and Room column names on search are swapped
HS-102524 hour clock format is no longer available for log
HS-653Request to change Device View Buttons to Toggle
HS-229Add device poll button to Devices page

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