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HS4 Beta Release

Manual Install



If you need to perform a new install or the update is not available through setup, run the installer

For standard Linux tar file, check in setup for an update, or manually update with the TAR file

Download HS4 Windows

Download HS4 Linux

Existing HS4 systems or HomeTroller Hubs

  1. Navigate to Setup > General and click the CHECK UPDATE button.

  2. Click the INSTALL BETA button.

  3. An Install Beta pop up appears. Click INSTALL to begin the installation. This may take several minutes to complete. Your controller or computer will restart after the installation completes.


This release includes some core changes that support our new Z-Wave Plus Z-Wave plugin. It also includes a security update to Newtonsoft.

For Developers

The Newtonsoft update created some dependency issues and required the following changes.

  • HS4 references an updated pluginsdk dll in bin/pluginsdk_1_5_0. If you update your plugin and wish to reference a newer version of the DLL, reference the one in the folder for the version you need. This reference is in your plugin EXE config file.

  • We are leaving the pluginsdk dll version 1.4.4 in bin/homeseer so existing plugins continue to function properly.

  • HS4 now references the  Newtonsoft dll in bin/homeseer/newtonsoft_13_0_3_27908. Note that developers should NEVER reference this DLL. Continue to reference your own Newtonsoft DLL in your private folder in bin/PLUGIN_NAME.

  • The previous Newtonsoft dll version 12.0.03 is remaining in bin/homeseer as some plugins are referencing this DLL due to a configuration error with the probing privatePath in their config file. Your config file should always look in your private bin folder first for dependent dlls. A proper probing privatePath in your config file looks like this: <probing privatePath="bin/PLUGIN_NAME;bin/homeseer"/>

  • These change ensure that current HS4 installations work normally but allows the HS4 application to reference updated DLL's.

  • We are aware of issues with dependency management and will be reviewing a more robust solution going forward.

HS4 Changes from

  • Fixed plugin errors related to Newtonsoft changes

  • Fixed scripting errors due to settings.ini referencing newtonsoft and/or pluginsdk

  • Fixed issue with missing assembly binding statement in EXE config file

HS4 Changes from



Update PluginSDK to v1.5 Release Notes


Events break if the status text is updated


Update Newtonsoft to version 13


If "hide from all views" is checked on a feature, the entire device is hidden


Cannot set feature room or floor if location 1 is set to display first


The script API function Event_info is not returning the correct value for Last_Triggered


Events using a sunset/sunrise trigger with security offset log a warning


Opening a device's settings in a new tab doesn't load


Error when displaying just the feature properties


GetPropertyByType(dev, EProperty.Relationship) returns eRelationship instead of ERelationship


Allow plugins to get and set device/feature version


Querystring with a category is not filtering device list


Location Fields need to be trimmed before saving


Add ability to delete auto discovered cameras

Reverting to a Previous Version

If you wish to revert to a previous version, you'll need to follow the steps below. Starting with beta, a new backup feature was added to back up your configuration whenever you update your HS4 version. The backup may be retrieved from Setup.

When running Beta versions of HS4 it is advised that you always perform a backup from the Tools menu. This is an alternate way to go back to a previous config.


  1. Uninstall the beta. Do not remove HS4 settings and temporary files.
  2. Install the previous version.
  3. Launch HS4 and navigate to Setup > General and click Edit Config
  4. Select the config file that was created when the beta was installed. The name will contain _before_4.2.x.x.json
  5. Check your events to confirm they're all there and the actions are correct


  1. Navigate to Setup > General and click REINSTALL UPDATE
  2. Once installation is complete, navigate to Setup > General and click Edit Config
  3. Select the config file that was created when the beta was installed. The name will contain _before_4.2.x.x.json
  4. Check your events to confirm they're all there and the actions are correct

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