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(Slated to be final release


HS-875,13954,Add category functions to HSApplication for plugin SDK
HS-874,13953,For HS3 devices root device status pairs could not be edited
HS-873,13952,Primary device in grid view was not picked correctly
HS-871,13948,Features in list view do not show a location if device (root) is hidden
HS-870,13939,X10 plugins cannot create devices
HS-869,13916,Thermostat status does not update after a thermostat setpoint is adjusted
HS-863,13901,Timers in events start at the wrong time if the event contains a wait action
HS-860,13881,Add ability to upload a backup file to a system for restore
HS-857,13878,Status Graphics Don't Display and can't be editing for some devices
HS-855,13867,Alphabetize Plugin Page
HS-816,13723,Do not copy interface when copying device
HS-663,13301,Request to add copy device back to bulk edit
HS-627,13205,HS Sentry restarts if HS4 is shut down
HS-545,13005,HS3 plugins that use SupportsConfigDevice and SupportsConfigDeviceAll do not get a tab in device properties
HS-460,12904,Euro dated recordings don't display on the recordings page
MyHS connection is reset if web server page titile changed
Fixed error dialog displaying is errors out
Cloud backup time on about page is not displayed if not enabled
added static ffmpeg for Linux, for systems where this is missing.
Request to sort list view on various fields HS-242
Updated plugin SDK DLL
Fixes to support SupportsDeviceConfigAll for HS4 plugins
For HS3 devices root device status pairs could not be edited HS-874
In Status Graphics, adding a new graphic sets edit mode to wrong graphic HS-877

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