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HS4 Release

HS-882,GetFeatureByRef returns null for some HS3 features
HS-1041,Color Picker in Events default to #FFFFD8F0
HS-1055,Devices missing in List View when user access is set for at least one device.
HS-879,set_Condition not called when opening an event
HS-1054,Errors in device_prop and device_misc
HS-47,Feature with TextSelectList controls have a blank status
HS-1057,"""Play a Sound"" Event Action is Broken"
HS-1052,Change status bar on grid card to include all features
HS-988,Clearing the status of a device does not seem to work
HS-1059,ControlEvent Incorrectly populates Label for TextSelectList
HS-967,Control Use list duplicated
HS-122,Add a From filter in log page
HS-670,Spelling Errors
HS-716,"E-Mail, eMail and EMail are used in different parts of HS4"
HS-1031,"Error Saving database: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: collection"""
HS-965,Manually added cameras are not displaying the snapshot URL

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