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HS4Touch Designer

Release notes and download links for HS4Touch Designer

HS4Touch Designer is a Windows application that must be installed and run on a Windows PC or laptop. The download also includes the Windows HS4Touch client application.


  1. Download the installer to your PC
  2. Unzip the installer
  3. Double-click the installer and follow the prompts to complete the installation.


  • Fixed the help link so it directs to the correct help file
  • Allow label elements to scroll
  • Fixes for dragging the properties grid
Download HS4Touch
  • Better support for 4K screens (scaling toolbars and palettes)
  • Camera property added for easier inclusion of cameras integrated with HS4
  • Right-clicking on an element opens a menu with these options: Actions When Released, Actions When Pressed, Select Normal Image, Select Pressed Image, Set Association, Bring Forward, Send Backward, Rename, Delete, Copy, Save as Custom Template.
  • New Simple graphics skin added with updated and more customizable elements.
  • Device selection has changed throughout the program. Devices are displayed in a better format and matches the selectors in HS4 to make it easier to find a device.
  • Device lists can now include the device reference #. This can sometimes make is easier to find a specific device feature.
  • The Windows client now includes a new WebView control that is based on the Edge browser. This allows for displaying any type of web content.
  • Variables have been added and may be used in place of explicit references to cameras, devices, and labels. This allows for very dynamic screens and can reduce your screen count.
  • New replacement variable "$LASTCHANGE" will display the last change of a device.
  • Screens can now be into groups for better organization. Groups will display on the screens menu. The screens menu is now alpha sorted.
  • New action to set the color of a color bulb.
  • Screens can now be set to a height greater than the actual screen. The screen can then be scrolled.
  • On Windows CONTROL-R can be used to run the Windows client.
  • New property on a screen that will stop that screen from returning to the main screen.
  • When dragging the corner of an element, hold down the shift key to keep the aspect ratio.
  • Clicking on an element in the elements palette now displays the resolution of the element.
  • When moving an element with the control arrows, holding the Control key moves it by 10 pixels rather than 1.
  • For IOS, deployment options added for IPhone 14.
  • Many bug fixes throughout the program
  • Updated clients are required for Android and IOS, which are named HS4Touch.

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