HomeTroller Plus

Sales and support information pertaining to the HomeTroller Plus Hub.

Quick Start Guide for HomeTroller Plus

Start here if you own a HomeTroller Plus smart home hub

Enable Windows Updates on HomeTroller Plus

Windows updates are disabled by default. This guide shows how to enable them

Nortek Stick Driver Installation

Instructions on setting up the Nortek HUSBZ Z-Wave/ZigBee stick on the HomeTroller Plus.

Remote Desktop Connection on LAN

This article will explain how to connect to your HomeTroller Plus desktop environment.

Updating your HomeTroller Plus and Setting the Time Zone

How to update your HomeTroller Plus and set the time zone.

Running HS4 as a Service on Windows

HS4 Plugins

See here for docs on HS4 plugins; installing, updating, registering, and more.

HS4 Devices

If you need more assistance on using Devices within HS4, take a look at these docs.

HS4 Events

For assistance on using Events in HS4, check out these docs.

HS4 Cameras

Docs on using the Live View and Recordings within HS4.

HS4 Setup

Information on all of the various setup options and pages.

HS4 Tools

See here for using the various Tools provided in HS4.