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Intro and Installation Considerations

Z-NET incorporates the latest Z-Wave Plus technology, supports Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) and imay be installed anywhere a network connection is available using Ethernet or WiFi. Please follow the steps below to install and configure your unit.

If you are upgrading from another interface (Z-Troller, Z-Stick, etc) to Z-NET, complete all steps. 

If you are building a Z-Wave network from scratch, skip x and x.

Installation Considerations: Although Z-Wave is a mesh network technology that routes commands from one device to another, optimal performance is best achieved by installing Z-NET with a wired Ethernet connection near the center of the home. Wired connections in other locations of the home may still yield excellent results but will usually introduce more signal routing. If a wired connection is not possible, consider using the built-in WiFi adapter. WiFi performance will vary depending on the quality of your router and the wireless profile of your home. If you experience WiFi problems with mobile devices in your home, for example, you may encounter problems with Z-NET on WiFi.

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