How To Add HS-WD200+ to SmartThings Hub

Information and code on adding WD200 to SmartThings


This device handler provides extended feature support of this product to SmartThings new app users. For an overview of its capabilities, navigate to

To add this Device Handler:

  1. Navigate to this URL and log in with your SmartThings account:
  2. Click on the "My Device Handlers" menu 
  3. Click "Create New Device Handler" on the right
  4. Click "From Code"
  5. Click here to view the code on GitHub
  6. Click "Create" at the bottom 
  7. Click "Publish" and select "For Me" 
  8. Now add the WD200 to the new SmartThings app and test the dimmer. 

Optional Child Devices

Three additional device handlers are available for the WX200+ product line. These device handlers allow you to add additional child devices to the app that will allow you to control the features related to the custom LEDs on the products.