Custom MyHS Plans

If you have needs that do not fit into our standard MyHS Premium plans, check out this article for more information.


Custom #1Custom #2Custom #3Custom #4Custom #5Custom #6
Cameras (per system)112215
Recording Retention7 Days7 Days14 Days14 Days7 Days14 Days
Cloud BackupMonthlyMonthlyWeeklyWeeklyMonthlyWeekly
Data Cap200GB280GB350GB500GB500GB1TB
Monthly Cost$15$18$20$25$25$40
Yearly Cost$169.95$199.95$219.95$269.95$269.95$439.95
Yearly Savings$10.05$16.05$20.05$30.05$30.05$40.05

What to-do?

If you have a need for these custom plans, please email