Setting Up & Managing Cloud Backups

Information on setting up and managing cloud backups of your HomeSeer system.


MyHS Premium allows for your HS4 system(s) to upload backups to the cloud so that you always have a recent backup, even if something happens to your hardware or storage. You will need to configure cloud backups both on the MyHS web page and within the HS4 web interface, please see the instructions below for both.

Configuring Cloud Backups in MyHS

  1. Visit, enter your credentials, then click Manage Account.
  2. While viewing the Manage page, scroll to the bottom to view the Cloud Backup Settings section. Depending on the level of MyHS Premium you are subscribed to, you will have options for what time or day your backups will be uploaded to MyHS.

Configuring Cloud Backups in HS4

  1. Connect to your HS4 system from MyHS or
  2. Navigate to Tools > Backup/Restore.
  3. In the Cloud section at the bottom of this page, check the Auto Cloud Backup option. You are all set!

Managing Cloud Backups

  • Once your cloud backups configured and created, you can see them by doing the following
    1. visit
    2. click Manage Account.
    3. Scroll down to the Backups section. The numbers in the top right will allow you to page through multiple systems if you have them, the numbers at the bottom allow you to page through your backups for that system.. The icons to the right of each backup will allow you to download or delete the backups, respectively. 
  • Downloading a backup will save it to the computer you are using to view the MyHS web page with. Please see our guide on How to Restore a Backup for information on restoring it to HS4.

For information on managing local backups, visit our Backup/Restore section