Updating MyHS Subscription

Information on updating your MyHS plan, payment method, billing information and viewing invoices.


Customers have the ability to update their MyHS subscription on MyHS. This includes upgrading and downgrading plans, updating payment methods, updating billing information and viewing current and past invoices. If you are unable to complete any of the below actions or have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


All actions below require logging into MyHS via Manage Account. Once logged in, click Update Subscription.


In the Current Plan section you will see your current subscription info, have the ability to update your plan, and cancel your plan.


  1. Click Update plan
  2. Select whether you wish to be billed Monthly or Yearly. This will default to your current billing selection. Click Continue when you are ready to proceed to the confirmation screen.
  3. The next screen will allow you to enter a promotion code and change your payment method. Your default payment method will be automatically chosen. If you are upgrading, an amount due will be shown and billed immediately. Confirm your plan change by clicking Confirm. Click Go back if you change your mind.

Contact Us

If you do not see an Update plan option, please contact us.


  1. Select Cancel plan
  2. The next screen will inform you of when your plan will be canceled. If you have remaining time on your subscription, cancelation will not take affect until after the end of your billing period.
  3. Click Cancel plan once more when ready to cancel or click Go back if you have changed your mind.


If you choose to cancel your plan for any reason, please contact HomeSeer Sales via our customer service portal so we can understand why to better improve our service. Contact us here


A payment method can be removed by clicking the X to the right of the payment method. 

Clicking + Add payment method will allow you to add a new payment method. When adding that payment method, the ability to set as default payment method will be available.


To update your Billing Information, click Update information

The billing address should match your default payment method's billing address.

Click Save once you have completed updating your billing information.


You can view your invoice history at the bottom of the Subscription profile. To see older invoices, click View more.

To return to the Manage section of your MyHS account, click Return to HomeSeer in the left pane.