Updating the Primary System on Your MyHS Account

Information on changing the primary system on your MyHS account.


When moving from one HomeSeer system to another or upgrading your license, it is possible to update your MyHS account so that you can continue connecting to your home with the same credentials.

Updating Your License

  1. Visit myhs.homeseer.com, enter your account credentials and click Manage Account.
  2. Once logged into the Manage page, locate the System and Users section and click Change Primary System
  3. You will be requested to enter your old license ID and password along with your new license ID and password. If you have a HomeTroller, one of your licenses will be printed on a sticker on that system. If you are unsure of your old license or its password, you can request that information from the Software Licensing Issues section here.
  4. Click Change and you are all set! When you log into MyHS on the website or HomeSeer Mobile app, you will now be connected to your new system or license.