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PS100 Data Sheet

Overview and FAQ for the PS100 Z-Wave Presence Sensor


The PS100 is a new breed of sensor that uses high frequency millimeter wave technology to detect very small movements from people, pets and objects. This makes PS100 the ideal solution for tracking room occupancy and for a wide variety of security needs. Unlike conventional PIR (passive infrared) motion sensors which can become ‘blind’ to people who are motionless for a time, PS100 is sensitive enough to detect people breathing or even sleeping. Additionally, PS100 includes wireless Z-Wave technology allowing it to be integrated into popular smart home hubs from HomeSeer, Samsung (SmartThings), Home Assistant, Hubitat and more.


  • Uses ultra-sensitive 24GHZ millimeter wave technology.
  • Uses Z-Wave 800 series technology with support for long range broadcasts (up to 1 mile).
  • Supports standard Z-Wave commands for best compatibility with popular smart home hubs.
  • Includes an RGB LED that can be used for notifications generated by the smart home hub.
  • Powered with standard USB-C adapter.


  • How effective is PS100 at presence detection?
    Very! PS100 can detect extremely small movements such as a person breathing or even sleeping.
  • How does PS100 compare to typical PIR sensors?
    PS100 detects movement, not infrared light, so it will detect anything that moves (even a fan or vacuum cleaner). Additionally, PS100 will work in warmer environments where PIR sensors become less sensitive.
  • What is the PS100 detection range?
    The maximum range is up to 5 meters (16.4 ft). However, there are 8 different distance ranges within that zone and sensitivity may be adjusted for each range.
  • How accurate is the PS100 range setting?
    Extremely! PS100 uses mmWave precision.
  • Will PS100 detect my pets?
  • Will PS100 detect motion through walls or other obstacles?
    Yes, so range and sensitivity may need to be adjusted to suit certain rooms or environments..
  • How is PS100 powered?
    PS100 works with line-powered USB-C adapters.
  • What can I do with PS100’s RGB LED?
    You can create automations in your smart home hub to make the LED glow different colors when things happen in your home.
  • What PS100 features are available to HomeSeer hub users?
    Upon inclusion, HomeSeer device features are created for motion and for detection distance.
  • Where will PS100 be manufactured?
    PS100 was developed and will be manufactured in the US using parts sourced from around the world.
  • Can I make my own PS100 enclosure?
    Sure. HomeSeer will make the 3D case design available for users who’d like to make their own.
  • What are PS100’s dimensions?
    Size is 2.5 in wide, 1.5 in high, .5 in deep.
  • When will PS100 be available?
    Q1 2024.

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