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Remote Desktop Connection on LAN

This article will explain how to connect to your HomeTroller Plus desktop environment.


HomeTroller Plus is shipped with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enabled. This will allow you to easily access the HomeTroller's desktop environment for HS4 system updates, maintenance, driver installations and app access.


  • PC, Mac, or other Device with RDP client installed.
  • HomeTroller Plus connected to same network


  1. Open RDP client application from your Windows PC, Mac*, or device.
  2. Enter your local IP address (if known) or the hostname of your HomeTroller Plus (default: HomeTrollerPlusG1)
  3. Select More Choices and enter the username homeseer and password hsthsths4 to connect. Note: If you change the default user password, you will need to enter that.
  4. Click Ok and you are now connected!

*Mac version of RDP client is available here:

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