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Remote Network Installation

It is possible for HomeSeer systems to communicate with Z-NET units installed on different networks. To accomplish this, follow these steps.

  1. Connect your Z-NET to the remote network via ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  2. Set a port forwarding rule in the remote router to forward port 2001 to the remote Z-NET.
  3. If the remote network is set up as a static WAN IP address, skip to the next set. Otherwise, subscribe to a dynamic DNS service to create a WAN domain name for the remote network.
  4. Follow the procedure here to configure your HS3 system to communicate with the remote Z-NET. However, make these changes:
    1. Change the Interface Model to Ethernet Interface.
    2. Enter the WAN IP Address or DDNS domain name of the remote network in the IP Address field.
    3. Enter 2001 into the Port Number field and enable the interface.

Note: Remote Z-Wave network setup will need to be accomplished from the remote location using your HomeSeer system controller management functions. Be sure to enable remote access of your HomeSeer system to make this possible.

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