Installation (ADIO-100)

Instructions on installing the ADIO in HomeSeer.

Hardware: The ADIO-100 includes an RS232 serial interface with a DB9 connector (standard COM port connection). If no serial port is available, the ADIO-100 may be used with a serial converter box or cable. Contact HomeSeer directly (603-4571-2816) or visit the HomeSeer online store ( for recommended converter options.

Software: The ADIO-100 will work with any HomeSeer once you install the ADIO-100 software plug-in. The plug-in may be downloaded and installed via the HomeSeer system built-in updater.

  1. Download the ADIO-100 plug-in from the updater.
  2. Restart Your HomeSeer System to complete installation.
  3. Navigate to Setup, and then the Interfaces page of your HomeSeer system and "enable" the plug-in and click Save.
  4. Restart HomeSeer and check the log for any errors.