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Setting up non HomeSeer IP Cameras (HS3)

How-to set up non HomeSeer IP cameras in HS3.

To set up a non HomeSeer IP Camera within HS3, follow these steps.

Note: Foscam and Amcrest IP Netcams will be automatically detected by HS3 whereas other cameras will not. This feature may be disabled from Tools > Setup, under the Cameras tab.

  1. Navigate to Tools > Setup, then click on the Cameras tab.
  2. If your Foscam or Amcrest cameras automatically show up in the Auto Camera Setup section, enter the username and password for each camera.
  3. For other brands of cameras, click the green plus in the Manual Camera Setup section. Enter the name for the camera, add the snapshot url (this includes the username and password), and then set up pan/tilt controls.

If you do not know the snapshot URL for your camera, an online search for "make & model snapshot URL" should get you the information you need.

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