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Setting Up the LIFX Plugin

Setup guide for the LIFX software plugin


This plugin is designed to allow HomeSeer HS4 to monitor and control LIFX bulbs. These features are supported:

  • Auto discovers LIFX lights installed on your network.
  • Control and monitor on/off, brightness, colors and infrared.
  • Direct local communication between the plugin and the lights.

Compatible Devices

  • All LIFX bulbs


  • The lights need to be installed and configured from the LIFX app before they can be configured in HS4.
  • The plugin needs to be able to communicate with each light on the UDP port 56700.
  • The plugin needs to be able to send UDP broadcast packets on your network for discovery.


  • Go to Plugins>LIFX>Manage Devices and click the "Discover LIFX Devices" button, this will discover all the LIFX lights available on your local network and create one HS4 device for each.


  • General > Request Timeout: Depending on your network and the type of lights, some devices may take longer than others to respond to a request from the plugin. The default timeout for a request is 2 seconds, but if you get a lot of timeout errors in the logs, you may try to increase this value. 


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