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Setting Up the Nest Plugin

Setup guide for the Google Nest software plugin


This plugin is designed to allow HomeSeer HS4 to monitor and control Nest thermostats. These features are supported:

  • Allows HS4 to read the ambient temperature, target temperatures, humidity, fan mode, HVAC status, HVAC mode and eco mode from your Nest Thermostat.
  • Allows HS4 to control target temperatures, HVAC mode, fan mode, and eco mode.

Compatible Devices

All Google Nest Thermostat models are supported, and all other Nest device types are NOT supported (Cameras, Doorbells, Smoke detectors, etc...).


  • HomeSeer v4.2.14.0 or later.
  • Stable Internet connection. The plugin uses a Cloud API, there is no local connection between the plugin and the thermostats, meaning that the plugin needs to be able to access the internet at all times.
  • You must have one or more Google Nest thermostats installed and configured in the Google Home app.


  1. Go to Plugins>Google Nest>Authorize and start the authorization process.
  2. Log in with the google account where the thermostat is configured and allow "HomeSeer Nest Plugin" to access and control your thermostat:
  3. Continue the process, and if you are not logged into myhs the browser will ask you for a username/password for Enter your MyHS username/password.
  4. You will be redirected to the Google Nest plugin Authorize stepper you just left, and it will bring you to the final step.

    Your system must be accessible through the MyHS service during the authorization process but is not required after setup.


  • The plugin relies on polling to get updates from your thermostats. By default the polling interval is 5 minutes, however, controlling a Nest thermostat from the device list will set the polling to a high-frequency mode for a short period of time. Polling can be adjusted from Plugins>Google Nest>Settings.


Google screens related to adding nest devices to HS4:

Nest Devices in HS4

List ViewGrid ViewDevice Features

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