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Setting Up the Rachio Plugin

Setup guide for the Rachio software plugin


This plugin is designed to allow HomeSeer HS4 to monitor and control Rachio smart sprinkler controllers. These features are supported:

  • Control and monitor any Rachio sprinkler controller
  • Control and monitor each of your watering zone defined in your controller
  • Import Weather forecast data into HomeSeer

Compatible Devices

  • All Rachio sprinkler controllers are supported


  • Stable Internet connection. The plugin uses a Cloud API, there is no local connection between the plugin and the controller, meaning that the plugin needs to be able to access the internet at all times.
  • The Rachio controller needs to be installed and configured using the Rachio app.


  1. Go to Plugins > Rachio > Authorize and follow the instructions.
  2. You will have to log into your Rachio account and get an API key that you must enter at step 3.
  3. If everything is ok, the plugin will create one device for each controller linked to your account, and one device for each watering zone.


Device polling

The plugin relies on polling to get updates from your controller.


You select the number of days you want the forecast for, and the plugin will create one device for the current weather and one device for each day forecast (Tomorrow's Forecast, 2 Day Forecast, 3 Day Forecast, etc...) 


Rachio ScreensAdding Rachio Controllers

List ViewList View 2Grid ViewDevice Features

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