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Setting up the SmartThings Plugin

This article will show you how to setup and connect to your SmartThings hub via the free HomeSeer plugin.


The SmartThings plugin allows you to integrate your existing SmartThings system into HS4, pulling over all of your devices and scenes. This makes transitioning from a SmartThings system to HS4 very easy using our free plugin.

Setting up Devices

  1. After enabling the SmartThings plugin, click the Authorize page link in the Info message.
  2. After reading the information on Step 1, click Continue.
  3. Log in with your SmartThings or Samsung account. Once you have copied the token, that can be saved should you ever need to relink. Alternatively, you can simply generate a new token. Click Continue.
  4. Paste the token, click Continue.
  5. If SmartThings and HS4 were connected successfully, you will get a notification of such. If if this connection doesn't work, please reach out to support.
  6. After clicking Finish, you can select which devices and scenes to import by clicking the checkboxes next to them. First, import devices be clicking the check boxes next to their names, then the Create HomeSeer Devices button. You should see all devices listed here, but click the Read SmartThings Devices button to rescan SmartThings.
  7. Click the Scenes tab, then select which scenes to import, then use the Create HomeSeer Devices button.

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