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(snippet) Alternate Ways to Access HomeTroller Plus & PRO Hubs

Alternate Ways to Access HomeTroller Plus & PRO Hubs

Our System Finder is designed to detect any HomeSeer system running on your local network (LAN). This usually works without issue. However, some networks may block the operation of System Finder. If that happens, here are 2 alternate ways to access your HomeTroller Plus.

  • Use a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Connection. HomeTroller Plus and HomeTroller PRO units are shipped with RDP enabled and may be accessed from another computer on your net-work. To do this, open the Remote Desktop Connection app on your Windows PC and connect to HomeTrollerPlusG1 or HomeTrollerPRO. Username is homeseer, password is hsthsths4. Not using Windows? RDP works on Macs too! Check out the instructions here.
  • Use a Keyboard, Mouse & Monitor When all else fails, you can connect HomeTroller Plus to a keyboard, monitor and mouse to access HS4 and every-thing else. While accessing the HS4 web interface, create a browser bookmark for your system to allow for easier future access
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