HS4 Smart Home Software

HS4 is our smart home software platform. It powers our HomeTroller hubs and it may be licensed separately.

Trialing HS4

Helpful tips for trialing HS4 with the included sample data.

Getting Started

This section contains information on setup, installation, and various getting started help. Docs on upgrading from HS3 are found here as well.

Core Features

The Core section provides information on navigating HS4, using the Setup and Tools sections, controlling Devices, creating Events, and using the Camera features.


This section contains information on scripting.

How-to articles

How-to articles to accomplish different features of HS4.

Getting Help

Need to contact us directly? Open a service desk ticket now!

HS4 Software FAQ

FAQs pertaining to HS4 software

HS4 Release Notes & Downloads

Release notes and download links for current and previous versions of HS4

Frequently asked questions