What is an Event?

This article defines a HomeSeer event in HS4


Events are rules or routines that users create to automate their homes. Events may be accessed by clicking the  Events button in the main tool bar.

Event Definition

In the simplest terms, an event is an action or sequence of actions that are set into motion by one or more triggers, each of which may have one or more conditions applied to them. The example below depicts an event that's designed to turn a floor lamp on at sunset but only on Tuesdays.

HS4 is equipped with a collection of standard triggers, conditions and actions. Each of these may be accessed within the following groups. Additional trigger, condition and action groups may be added to these groups when plugins are installed.

Trigger Groups

Triggers are the elements that set events into motion and they  can only happen in an instant. In the example above, sunset happens precisely (and ONLY) at 7:22:43 PM. HS4 default trigger groups include the following:

Condition Groups

Conditions are designed to modify triggers but unlike triggers, they often happen over a much longer period of time. In the example above, Tuesday occurs over a span of 24 hours. HS4 default condition groups include the following:

Action Groups

The purpose of every event is to execute an action or sequence of actions. HS4 default action groups include the following: