Articles pertaining to the Z-Wave software plugin

Z-Wave Installation

Information on installing the Z-Wave plugin for HS4

Add Interface

Information on adding Z-Wave interfaces to your HomeSeer platform.

Manage Interfaces

Information on managing the Z-Wave interfaces connected to your HomeSeer platform.

Add Device

Information on adding Z-Wave devices to your network

Remove Device

Information on removing Z-Wave devices from your network

Update Firmware

Information on how to update your Z-Wave device firmware.

Device Diagnostics

Information on using the different types of Z-Wave device diagnostic tools built into the plugin.

Advanced Functions

Information on using the many advanced controller functions. 

Manage Locks

Information on managing Z-Wave door locks on your network.

Manage Associations

Information on managing Z-Wave associations on your network.

Device Information

Information on reading and using the Z-Wave Device Information tool.

Legacy Z-Wave

Information on using the Legacy Z-Wave plugin, version or earlier.


Information regarding Settings for the Z-Wave plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions